Suddenly Asleep Love 2

by Isabella Valentine
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You are already asleep. Bella Luna relaxes you beneath the lunar eclipse. Rolling down the spirals of the icicle, the waterdroplet endures. Great depths in time and space, cruising between asleep and deeper sleep… mindbending frost polishing blankets of snow…feathery crystal snowflakes overlapping thoughts that snowdrift, deflections of moonlight enclasp the snow with their spotted shadows, splitting light frozen in time, or snow and ice, aligning with the curvature of the galactic belt that appears vertical and parallel to where you are standing behind the glass of the chilly bay window, looking out at the winter composition… equipped with deepening sleep that softens the handsome fierceness that often keeps you awake.

I love you. Go to sleep.

This original audio dreamscape was created to be played after Suddenly Asleep, to progressively relax you even deeper – The Ultimate PowerSleep Induction Combo — however, Suddenly Asleep 2 is a standalone recording and doesn’t require the purchase of the first one. You do love to be wrapped around My finger so be a good boy and get them both.
Written by, produced by, and performed by Isabella Valentine.

Music, vocals, instruments, and all sound effects also by Isabella Valentine.

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