Caught Panty-handed

by Isabella Valentine
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Length: 14 minutes


Isabella and Mistress Alexandra are snobby salesgirls at an upscale store in Beverly Hills, a very elite store showcasing fine fabrics and expensive lingerie.

Right before the store closes, you walk in wearing a business suit and carrying a briefcase and disappear into the ladies' dressing room. It takes us a while to figure out where you are, because... what kind of MAN would be in a LADIES' dressing room?

We are definitely not amused with what we find and in fact, are disgusted and creeped out when we find you wearing elite panties in our fine establishment. We peek under the dressing room curtain and take pictures of you wearing panties with a camera phone and talk about you behind your back for being so gross (and of course, we just have to put the pics online later on).

Eventually we pull back the curtain, only to laugh hysterically at you and then call your wife.... and then after we steal your pants, we call the police to arrest you for shoplifting! Haha escorted away wearing panties....

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Categories: All Mp3's, Fetish Phone Sex Recordings, Sissies & Cuckolds, Two Girl Recordings
Tags: camera/photos blackmail, candid conversation between girls behind your back, Caught Panty-handed, exposing you to your wife, feminization, Pantyboy humiliation, valley girl speech, verbal namecalling

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