Pantyboy Yoga

by Isabella Valentine
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Length: 40 minutes

You want to look pretty in your short skirts to show off your legs. Or maybe you want to get that butt nice and firm so it looks hot in a pair of pantyhose. Get your pretty self looking fit and sexy so you can look great in mini-skirts, daisy dukes, and panties! You'll look so hot when you're done! This meditative trance recording is designed for individuals who love to wear feminine attire ... whether sometime or all the time. You deserve to feel good. That means give yourself a treat! Show your body daily self-appreciation (instead of self-depreciation for being an outsider) and learn to experience gratitude for yourself. Isn't it wonderful that you can live and dress how you want within our society?! This recording combines yoga techniques along with spiritual teachings to integrate the mind, body, and spirit. Feel comfortable in your own skin while embracing the female inside you. It's perfectly natural to enjoy wearing soft and silky fabric against your body, so why not do it while you're exercising and staying fit?

This recording will aid you in maintaining a centered mind, body, and spirit connection through stretching and will allow you to become in tune with your female energies. Increase your self esteem in being a pantyboy or an individual who embraces elements of crossdressing. This mp3 will also strengthen your core abdomen muscles, several facial muscles including the tongue, and the arms, legs, and back. This audio is also filled with spiritual teachings to help calm and relax the mind, soothe and embrace the spirit, and give the body a 'feel-good' workout as well. Learn how to breathe while you exercise as we breathe and relax, calming the spirit and breathing cool, clean oxygen.

Be sure to wear a pink leotard or your favorite lingerie, and have a towel or mat ready. If you wear pantyhose, please cut the bottom where the feet are to prevent slippage. This yoga session is designed to be listened to three times a week.

Optional: Also included in the zip file are 9 pages that can be printed out that include various photos of each and every exercise we do, so that you can practice or follow along. Sometimes there will be photos of the original exercise as well as modified versions. .

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File Length (Minutes):40

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