by Isabella Valentine
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Length: 30 minutes

Listening to Bella makes everything better. Dream about My voice, carrying you across the water and flying over the land. Dream of Me, Love, and I will meet you in your mind — Bellatizing you to feel soooo good. Deeeeper into the blue abyss where whispers envelope light that flows very fast. Only Isabella puts stars in your sky. My power is irresistable to you.

A vanilla jar burns inside a jar beside My feet, propped up on the side of a large bathtub. A golden flame flickers. My toes are covered in bubbles and soapy water. The lights are dimmed and the curtains closed. I blow you a kiss… feather-light touches of flickering light speckles across My soft, pink nipples. My long, brown hair softly kisses the tops of My beautiful bbbbrrreeeaaasstttsss….

Relax to the sexy instrumental music playing in the background produced by one of my favorite R&B artists, the incredible Tony Sway.

Recording Includes: Sensual trance, being devoured by My love, erotic triggers, lusting for Bella, enchanting bath, spoiling Isabella, brain to sperm process, service and devotion to Isabella, obsession and addiction to Isabella.

Runtime: 30 minutes

Categories: Devotion, Smooth & Sexy

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