Perihelic Mind Trap

by Isabella Valentine
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Length: 30 minutes

Lie down in bed with your eyes closed. Allow your body to become so relaxed that you feel good and paralyzed by the sound of My voice.

Goddess Isabella is the sun, and you are a planet in elliptical orbit around My voice, moving quickly even though you’re hypnotically paralyzed and aren’t actually moving much at all… except well, the planet you are on is indeed moving very fast. When you are approaching perihilion, that’s when you are closest to Me. the sun is the hardest object to approach because it’s so hot! The space between us eclipsed by empty space… as your mind grows blank and empty.

In this mind trap, you will come with no hands as your wallet gets lighter and lighter! Hands free cumming with no touching, no rubbing, no stroking at all! Using only the power of your mind and my hands free orgasm trigger words, you will cum at My command! Obey your Mistress!

You will be mind trapped by a powerful, beautiful woman — and not just ANY woman. Your Isabellalalalala makes your cock so sensitive, shiny, and stiff. Do exactly as I say.

The background has a bass drone that resembles the sun’s deeply penetrating sound waves, so you may find yourself slipping into space trance immediately as soon as the recording starts.

Recording includes:
Love and addiction to Isabella, perihelion space trance, sperm & cock tease, erotic triggers, hands free orgasm command, increased arousal, financial domination, female domination, ensnarement, mind trap, devotion to Isabella, and phosphene-induced hallucinations.

Runtime: 30 minutes

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