Jackpot 16

by Isabella Valentine
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Length: 28 minutes

Isabellalalala has a hold of your mind… the voice inside your heads… surrender now, My pet. Every time you take a breath, you can’t help but feel My love. I’m right here by your side. Breathe deeply and be Mine. Allow My beautiful, hypnotic words to wrap you in love. Lots of dazzling lights filling the sparkles in My eyes and a smile spreading across My face as you surrender to Me now, so easily and swiftly the surrender takes you right into My hypnotic voice. My soft, sexy round ass. There’s so much beautiful ass mesmerizing your rich minds. Triple sevens glittering in your hypnotized eyes.

Be sure to listen to Jackpot 1, Jackpot 13, Jackpot 14, and Jackpot 15 to compound your arousal with the most intensive triggerfest ever!

There is no background music or overdubbing vocals so you can rest and relax and completely focus on My voice for the most amazing hands-free orgasms!

Recording includes:
Sensual trance, hands free orgasm command trigger, erotic triggers, upper body orgasms, lower body orgasms, playful amnesia, sexual arousal, cocktease, My big breasts, My curvy ass, addiction to Isabella, throbbing and aching for Me.

28 minutes

Categories: Devotion, Hands Free Orgasm

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