Jackpot 6

by Isabella Valentine
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Length: 50 minutes

Orgasm with NO HANDS (no masturbation allowed, in fact) in this super yummy erotic mp3 with sexually explicit content. Do be sure to wear headphones for even more hardcore orgasming. And turn the sound UP! Immerse yourself in my voice. This erotic roleplay is set in a dark, gothic mansion where beautiful whores roam on cold marble floors in tall, high heels. Strippers in classic fantasy outfits, babes who seem to have misplaced their bikinis, and troves of kissing lesbians all seem to fade from view as Goddess Mistress Isabella Valentine steps through the doorway. Your eyes lock on my body and on my voice and all else dissolves...

Professional quality sound editing specifically for single or uncommitted horny, bisexual, or straight men who want me in their mind all the time. Adore me. Lavish me. Cum for me. There are suggestions in this recording probably not safe for the non-single unless your partner is firmly grounded and/or you have the space to adore me as I desire the most: receiving presents! Spoil fetish, love and addiction fetish, and instruction to orgasm at my command. This is very naughty and a little dangerous. If you love to ride risk, you'll drool in paradise when you hear this.

The Jackpot series is a must-have. Each session is very different than the other in terms of content (the purpose being to open adults to new fetishes and new ways to experience arousal), and they all contain the same magic word trigger to induce instant orgasm. Recommended listening: do be sure to successfully orgasm to the first in the series — Jackpot: No Hands (the first in the series) to familiarize yourself with my style so that you are trained to ejaculate on command EVERY TIME — before listening to Jackpot 6. Turn off the lights. Lock your door. Put on your headphones. Loosen your pants. And listen to the sound of my smooth voice. For those who have a voice fetish, you'll be pleased to know that 95% of this recording has no background music whatsoever. Take the plunge and surrender to 50 minutes of erotic teasing and orgasmic perfection. Purchase it right now. You want this. It will easily become an instant favorite!

Format:Mp3 Audio File
Sound Quality:Professional First Rate
Vocal Sound Effects:Yes
Prop Sound Effects:Yes
Background Music:No
Overdubbing Vocals:Yes
File Size (MB):46
File Length (Minutes):50

Categories: All Mp3's, Hands Free Orgasm

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