Queen of Hearts: The Healing Version

by Isabella Valentine
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Length: 37 minutes

Hello sunshine. Feel these softened words hugging and embracing us through love from above, as wings of love. There’s no place like home, drifting through the cosmos together. Surrender to Curvy Goddess Isabella for all of time and feel soooo good. I don’t want you to feel any more pain, baby. The only aching should be for more of My voice. From the Queen of Hearts, heart of hearts, blessing and absolution. Let it be our love for each other that enables us to be touched and blessed by this restorative, healing embrace. Feel our love inside euphoric ecstasy.

This recording is designed to help people who are self-managing stress, depression, anxiety, PTSD, trauma, chronic sadness, and/or broken hearts who also enjoy unorthodox methods of self-treatment. The conscious state is transformed into loving euphoric feelings towards me. Of course please consult your physician to see if this might be a nice alternative treatment for PTSD. I think I say the words “Off with your head” maybe once or twice since this is a Queen of Hearts roleplay, but other than that, this is pretty safe, especially for people who need to feel immediately safe. Keep in mind that this is erotica, not therapy. However, if your heart is open to loving Me, a healing breakthrough could take place.

Two new trigger words are introduced. One induces a state of euphoria. The other induces a state of wonder and curiosity. In this special recording, I mention a few loyal customers by first name and drop triggers – as a tease.

If you are having a hard, difficult time in your life for whatever reason, this mp3 might be just what the love doctor ordered. By the way, I’m not a medical doctor. I can write you a prescription for whisper kisses though.

Recording includes:
Relaxing trance, love, addiction to Isabella, healing through loving Isabella, PTSD management, intimate connection, whisper kisses, euphoric sleep, infinity, Jackpot commands, sexy trigger words, financial seduction.

37 minutes

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