Make Money 2

by Isabella Valentine
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Isabella This is a sequel to my popular recording, Make Money, which is a motivator to improve self-made wealth and financial prosperity. This version does not include music, however it does include overlapping voices with sexy sound effects added to my voice (using my DJ system) to make your listening experience even hotter! Some people are motivated to make money when a sexy woman purrs phrases like, “More money, honey…” while you’re envisioning those cash dollar goals, so this recording will be a pure treat, especially if my voice makes you horny anyway.

You know what they say… first picture what you want to achieve, be specific, and then take steps towards achieving it. This recording makes it easy for you to open your mind to deciding WHAT you want to achieve, encouraging you to believe you can do it, and finally, embedding suggestions to motivate actions to complete your goals.

This sequel, Make Money 2, is a super sexy audio program for adults who want to be wealthy, physically and mentally. Females and males are both invited to enjoy this financial motivator program. Audio is approximately 26.5 minutes.

Slip on your headphones, close your eyes and relax and listen to the sound of My voice and come along this journey where your mind makes money on a cellular level, increasing your mental capacity to hold and enjoy even MORE money than you ever thought possible! Lots of hypnotic repetition and trancelike rhythmic language make it so easy to imagine even more money right in the palms of YOUR hands!

Recording Includes:
Wealth regeneration, financial attraction, residual income increase, improving capacity to receive money, rich prosperity, sexy financial encouragement, high profit motivation, project initiation and follow through, make more money with your ideal lifestyle.

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