High On Bella

by Isabella Valentine
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My hair is heaven. My words — music from My lips. My body — thick and delicious. I am the Sun in your eyes, the fragrance of every beautiful flower, the kiss you grasp as you fall asleep… your every desire… And you’re going under. Surrender to Me now. Worship Goddess. My back is softer than when you pet a cat! My Holy Ass blinds you when you cross the street, you might just wreck your car and thank Me. I’ve walked into your mind and taken control, and you are weak to My pheremones. My ankles are the gateway drugs that bring you down to your knees and leave you breathless for more.

My veins are vineyards that produce wines that leave your taste buds drunk in lust for all the flavors inside Me. My lungs are the life of the world, and I am a living Goddess. My forehead creates planets and takes control of your mind and body, leaving you aroused and weak and needing to obey Me and give Me money.

Every part of My body leaves you wanting more. More. More. Be sure to wear headphones so you hear all the whispers, echoes, and overdubbed vocals playing in the background that maximize your listening experience!

Recording Includes: Isabella worship, Goddess worship, financial seduction, mind control, brainwashing, financial domination, femdom erotic warmth, loving addiction, obsession, possession, hearts in your eyes for Bella, soul control.

Categories: Brainwashing, Femdom, Financial Domination, The God Album
Tags: brainwashing, femdom erotic warmth, financial domination, financial seduction, Goddess worship, hearts in your eyes for Bella, Isabella worship, loving addiction, mind control, obsession, possession, soul control

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