Jackpot 26

by Isabella Valentine
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Length: 27 minutes

In the last session, you were encouraged to think about anyone you wanted in your fantasy. In this session, you are told to fantasize about Me. Hang on tight, honey. Just thinking about me makes you cum. Just hearing the way I talk to you makes you want to cum. And you can’t get enough. You’ll be in pure bliss and heaven when you hear this one. All your senses, including your taste buds, are engaged. No cumming until you hear me say the magic words! I’m irresistible, and you’ll be melting in My power in no time at all.

All my trigger words in this recording are unexplained. It assumes you buy all my recordings so you’ll respond to them automatically.

Runtime approximately 27 minutes

Recording includes: mesmerization, hands free orgasm command, erotic triggers, sensual guided visualizations, addiction to Isabella, BBW, fantasizing about Isabella, cumming just thinking about me, and becoming smarter while you think about me.

Categories: Brainwashing, Recent, Hands Free Orgasm

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