Neuro Stimulus

by Isabella Valentine
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Length: 29:25

You’ll enjoy hearing My voice filling up your brain as you drift deeper and deeper. But don’t go too deep or you’ll never get Me out of your head. And then you’ll get addicted and start sending Me lots of money. Don’t worry, I can’t hypnotize you. I don’t know how to control your mind. It’s just that your brain has widespread cortical activation that tells you I control your mind and before you know it, My ass has a hold of all the thalamic activities, and then all the significant external stimuli provides you with robust brain activity as you think of My hypnotic breasts. Around the spindle lies a great peace, a sweetness in the calm, a clearing in the spot.. a relaxing and wonderful place. Perhaps it is the softness of My voice that both calms and excites you. Sleep for Me now.

Featuring “Nyteflyte” by Rockin Rabbi which is a beautiful electric guitar meditation instrumental that has a space guitar vibe that reminds me of Van Halen’s gorgeous song at the end of that movie Twister. Feel the beautiful rush of flowing with the slow, elongated guitar riffs that move with My words. Oh the hold. I’ll have you in no time.

Be sure to wear stereo headphones if you want your brain more Mine.

Recording Includes:
Neurolinguistic programming (NLP), brainy trance, reward system triggers, interoceptor mind control, viscera control, mind control, ASMR tingles, admiring Isabella’s breasts, vibrating your legs, symmetry play, proprioceptor mind control, rotating Z-axis, financial domination, music and hot talking, financial extraction, respect and addiction to Me.

Runtime: 29 min 25 sec

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