Charming The Snake

by Isabella Valentine
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Length: 35 minutes
Arousal For Ladies Couples

Treat your wife or girlfriend to an interactive erotically entrancing recording to strengthen the bond you have with one another. Listen to this together, enter magnificence. This sensual recording is designed around music exclusively for committed heterosexual couples who wish to become aroused with one another (or for the man to listen alone and imagine making love to his partner). This is designed to strengthen the bond, love, and passion between partners who wish to become more intimate while experiencing a safe, sexy recording. Also helps men learn to stay stimulated longer and for women to enjoy it.

I've been asked many times to make a recording that partners can enjoy together and this is the first one I've made designed exclusively for couples. If it does well, I'll make more for various types of partners. It should go without saying that this mp3 implies the woman is always to be pleased, pleasured, and treated with the utmost respect.

The music in this recording plays an important integral role. This mp3 is designed around a tone, beat, and rhythm which I felt had a "snake charmer" feel to it. The flute represents the way the female partner charms the male. The drums and the rain-stick are purposefully integrated into the background to increase the effectiveness of how listeners can connect to the music.

There are up to four layers of erotic voices, binaural beats, subliminal poetry, beautiful safe suggestions, vanilla sex, and colorful visuals and trippy romantic audio. Because of the multiple dimensions in this mp3, it is highly recommended you use stereo headphones.

Note: Other than the occasional "down boy" ... this may also be enjoyed by women who love women.

Format:Mp3 Audio File
Sound Quality:Professional First Rate
Vocal Sound Effects:Yes
Prop Sound Effects:No
Background Music:Yes
Overdubbing Vocals:Yes
File Size (MB):33
File Length (Minutes):35

Categories: All Mp3's, For Couples, For Ladies, Goddess Tantra
Tags: bellydancing, connection, erotic hypnosis, erotic trance appreciation, following where beauty leads you, increasing commitment and love with one another, light pattern - color triple vision, lover-approved romantic trance, music fetish, naked flesh seduction, oral sex (a need to go down on her the way she wants), quantum hip dancing, safe erotic suggestions of lust and love, sex and intimacy, snake charming, surrender, vanilla sex

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