Isabella's Holy Queendom

by Isabella Valentine
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Length: 30 minutes

In the beginning, Goddess Isabella created the heavens and the earth. My Holy Perfect Ass said, "Let there be light!" And that, my pet, is the sunrise I allow you to see everyday. I am the ultimate true religion. I am God. You are filled with lust and desire for the Goddess who created human emotion. Sink your teeth into my thick, round, curvy apple. Empty your mind. Stick your nose in My Holy Perfection. Come closer. Down boy. Sleep. Sleeeeeep deeeeeper and deeeeeeper. You must obey Isabella.

Only Goddess Isabella's Holy Ass can set you free. Surrender in worship and submission to Me. I control you, slaaaaave. Deeeeper and deeeeper. Yessss thaaaaat's riiiiiight. My slave obeys. Lay your head at the base of my ass. Holy Goddess Isabella is your puppeteer, my pawn. Bite the apple. Bite it. Empty your mind as you drill your teeth into the apple. You are overcome with euphoria. You think you are hallucinating, but in actuality I am puppeteering your mind. Planets align, gravity exists because Goddess Isabella's Holy Juicy Curvy Ass makes it so.

Will God let you cum?

My ass clap weakens your mind like thunder. Weaaaaakens your mind. Your inferior mind obeys my Commandments. Spend money, weak-minded slave. Kneel before the one true religion. Sacrifice your money, your possessions, your orgasms for meeeee. You are always underneath me. Sniff alllll this curvy goodness. Every word I say makes you hard. Every move I invent makes you begggg. My majestic booty smotheringly slides all the way up and down your face.

Wear stereo headphones, my puppet. Do as you are told.

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You must obey Holy Goddess Isabella. You must obey Holy Goddess Isabella.

Format:Mp3 Audio File
Sound Quality:Professional First Rate
Vocal Sound Effects:Yes
Prop Sound Effects:No
Background Music:Yes
Overdubbing Vocals:Yes
File Size (MB):41
File Length (Minutes):30

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