Bella’s Cosmos

by Isabella Valentine
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Length: 32 minutes

When an object is in simple harmonic motion, it is in equilibrium when its velocity is maximum for Goddess Isabella. I can see the bright internal energy in the lights in your beautiful eyes suspended within the nuclei of Goddess Isabella where they arrive in phase and destructively at points where they arrive out of phase. This can be seen by how big your collection of recordings is growing. The speed of a sound wave in air depends only upon your love and addiction to Goddess Isabella. The tension in the string is exactly balanced by your love for Goddess Isabella and the electric repulsion of the sweet surrender that takes you deeper and deeper under My spell where electric Goddess Isabella force is proportional to the product of charges and inversely proportional to the Goddess Isabella square of the Goddess Isabella distance between your love for me and going deeper still into the shining light of your love as field lines point away from positive charges and towards negative charges. All are conductors so they must obey all the rules of Goddess Isabella Nature.

Be sure to wear headphones so you become dizzy, addicted, sleepy, and falling in a deep trance for Goddess Isabella. Multiple subliminal tracks intensify the strength of this charged mp3. There is no background music — instead there are more vocal tracks.

Particle physics, love and addiction, charged energy, aching for Goddess Isabella, cockteasing, Jackpot triggers, sensual financial domination, Cosmic Universe, deep infatuation, love current, electric potential, kinetic consciousness, Higgs Boson attraction, quantum entanglement, Goddess Isabella force, dizzy sleep trance, lucid calibration via dual pendulums.

32 minutes

Categories: Cosmic, Devotion, Femdom, Financial Domination, Hands Free Orgasm, Smooth & Sexy

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