Mean Girls

by Isabella Valentine
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You are here to give Goddess Isabella and Madame Lisa anything We WANT, do you Understand? We are impossible to resist, loser. Just buy the recording so you can give Us more of your money. Cruel, heartless mean girls who rape your wallet, crush your ego, and always demand more!! What could be more wonderful than being our personal wallet? We’re going to drain your credit card dry and get what is OWED to US! Be prepared to CRY. You will PAY! If you don’t have money, don’t BOTHER US! No, you can’t SIT WITH US! We don’t care about your feelings!

This is a two girl recording, and if you are a smart boy, you will buy a copy from both of US!

Surrender your inferior brainwaves to this Double Domme audio MP3 with high quality sound, multiple layers, brainwashy binaural panning in a 3D-style hall chamber. You’ll definitely want to wear headphones!

Themes include:
Financial domination, female domination, money fetish, wallet rape, Cash Domming, Female Superiority, mind fuck, Goddess worship, extreme findom brainwashing, human ATM, pay piggy, taunting, denying, females demanding stuff from men, women being mean, mean girls, tagteam domination.

Categories: Recent, Femdom, Financial Domination
Tags: Cash Domming, denying, extreme findom brainwashing, female domination, female superiority, females demanding stuff from men, financial domination, Goddess worship, human ATM, mean girls, mind fuck, money fetish, pay piggy, tagteam domination, taunting, wallet rape, women being mean

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