by Isabella Valentine
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Length: 31 minutes
T&D For Ladies

Isabella Valentine teams up with delicious Kitty, for one hot, orgasmic erotic hypnosis session.

How would you like hear me seducing another woman to be under my sexual control?

In this mp3, I had the pleasure of entrancing Kitty, but don't tell her because she doesn't know I entranced her. It all began with a beautiful guided visual imagery down stone stairs, colored doors, magical hollow trees, and a feather-like weightless drop onto scarlet silken pillows. Then when I knew I had her deep enough, I gave her sexual triggers causing her nipples to feel as though I was sucking on them, and well ... it gets even sexier than that! Want more details? Then listen and find out what happened!

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Overdubbing Vocals:No
File Size (MB):28
File Length (Minutes):31

Categories: For Ladies, Nice Girl
Tags: begging, controlled orgasms, erotic hypnosis, feather drop, finger-snapping, guided visual imagery, Lesbianism, nipple play, post-hypnotic suggestions, pussy play, Scarlet, Tease and denial, triggers

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