Telescopic Trance

by Isabella Valentine
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Length: 25 minutes

I lead you out to a telescope that’s pointing at NGC 5256, also known as Markarian 266. It’s about 250 million light years away from the earth. And as you peer through the lens, you see it is merging with another galaxy… just like your mind is merging with the sound of My Voice.

I introduce a new trigger word in this one… a unit of measurement you hear a lot in astrophysics and astronomy. And every time you hear it, you’ll not only think of Me, but…

you’ll have to buy the recording to find out…

Recording Includes: Space trance, astrophysics, love and addiction with Isabella, galactic behavior, sexual attraction, financial domination, hands free orgasm trigger (hint: it’s not Jackpot, it’s the one that starts with M. B. S.), gravitational waves, black holes, expanding universe trance, life enrichment, optimal performance, cosmological attractors, Isabella’s Big Brains (one in My skull and two on My chest for all the overflow).

Runtime: 25 minutes

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