Valentine Possession

by Isabella Valentine
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Oh My darling, I possess you now. You are getting very sleepy. I am the air that you breathe, My possession. Your world revolves around Isabella. I’m the only one you’re allowed to masturbate to. Like I told you, I own you now. Spend a fortune telling Me you know this. Devoted to Me. Loyal to Me for life. Buying Me things is better than sex. I love that you are Mine, My sweet darling Valentine possession. I own you.

My claws are in you now. I claim you. You don’t belong to any of those camgirls on the internet. None of them compare to Me. No one possesses you the way only I do. Any time you even think of looking at another woman lustfully, you will feel My possession locking down your cock. Tithe 10% of your income. I’m your church. Worship Me. Feel My voice surrounding your spirit as you surrender completely to Me.

This recording is all about your full submission to ME, so this is definitely only for single men, and definitely not safe for men who have jealous or possessive wives and girlfriends. If your wife finds out you listened to this, she might leave you. You’ve been warned. Be sure to wear headphones!

Recording includes:
Love, addiction to Isabella, worship Goddess Isabella, financial domination, female domination, powerful woman, full surrender of control, cock control, Shrine, putting Me first before all else!

Tags: addiction to Isabella, cock control, female domination, financial domination, full surrender of control, love, Powerful Woman, putting Me first before all else, Shrine, worship Goddess Isabella

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