Lesbian Intimacy

by Isabella Valentine
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Length: 38 minutes
For Ladies Couples

I'd like to personally dedicate this to the ever-amazing Kasha Shakti, a woman whose happiness is mine.

This trance recording is created for ladies in long-term relationships who have deep, warm love for each other. Soft and intimate, feel the relaxation surrounding your body as you imagine all the ways in which you can please your lover. Surrender to comfort and become deeply relaxed. This may be enjoyed together or individually (even greater if both of you listen at some point so you're on the same page). The ambiance is safe, sensual, and intimate for you as a couple, to inspire closeness and longevity; inspiring loyal commitment, faithfulness, and unconditional trust and devotion to one another. Approved for monogamous and poly lesbian couples.

Relax as you are guided to a primordial place of how to better understand each others needs and desires. Find out how to create an energetic meeting place with your lover within the vastness of the universe.

Note: Please be make sure, when using headphones, that you line the ear pieces up to the corresponding ear since this contains subtle left/right binaural sounds.

Format:Mp3 Audio File
Sound Quality:Professional First Rate
Vocal Sound Effects:No
Prop Sound Effects:No
Background Music:Yes
Overdubbing Vocals:No
File Size (MB):36
File Length (Minutes):38

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Tags: ambient, couples, ethereal, hypnotic, intimacy, lesbian, relationships, relaxing, smooth, warm

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