Ooh La La

by Isabella Valentine
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Length: 30 minutes

Sugar sweet Isabella-coated words taste soooo good flowing in your beautiful mind, but be careful because if you listen to this you might just fall in love with Me forever. You say you can’t be hypnotized (If I hypnotize you that means I control your mind.). Your mind can’t be controlled (You said so yourself.). We can’t have you hypnotized or else you’ll fall in love with Me (You might never stop thinking about Me.). Don’t become addicted. If you listen to My voice, you’ll become addicted, and you might just be hypnotized with very dangerous suggestions. But you can’t be hypnotized. Don’t need Me so bad. Don’t forget your name. Don’t forget how to spell your name. Don’t forget how to sign your name on a big fat check made out to Isabella-la-la-la… Ooh la la…

This soft, gentle trance gradually turns wicked-sweet as you fall for Goddess Isabella’s kinematics of smooth pursuit.
Written, performed, and produced by Isabella Valentine. Soft meditation music composed by Chris Collins. Cool reverb and modulation effects really sweeten the overall feel of this delicious session.

Recording Includes:
Love and addiction, drizzled romance, reverse psychology, mind entrapment, sweet financial domination, yummy poetry, brain trickery, bbw, foodie, good girl turned bad, money fetish, tease, “evil” suggestions in a “sweet” manner.

30 minutes

Categories: Femdom, Financial Domination, Smooth & Sexy

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