Mind Matrix

by Isabella Valentine
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Length: 33 minutes

Does space go on forever? Imagine what space might look like. Or what it might feel like to ride on the back of a light wave. Or how the very felt thought of allowing your consciousness to absently gaze upon the sound of My voice draws you into hypnotic sleep. Let your energy be full of love for Goddess Isabella. The more you love Goddess Isabella, the more alive you are. The more alive you are, the more neurons fire in your mind. The more neurons fire, the happier you become with needing to love and worship Goddess Isabella. Your happy spot is lighting up in your frontal lobe already — billions of cells in your minds all become electrically charged to love Goddess Isabella. Open your heart and allow yourself permission to love Me and speak to Me as if I am right there in the room with you.

Love, quantum mechanics, decoherence, happy love chemicals in the brain, intelligent life, love and addiction to Goddess Isabella, light financial domination, altered consciousness, neuron manipulation, love triggers, gratitude, softness, and power.

Written, produced, and performed by Isabella Valentine. Deep Sleep Space music by Federico Aldinucci. Be sure to wear headphones to maximize your experience of hearing My voice with all the pretty echoes as you drift into la la land.

33 minutes

Categories: Recent, Femdom, Financial Domination, Smooth & Sexy

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