Jackpot 25

by Isabella Valentine
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Length: 26 minutes

Going, going, gone… powerball. Sleeeeep deeeep. Snuggle up with my voice, with your stereo headphones turned up. Soon you will be needing more and more. The feeling is overwhelming. Just give in. With every breath you take, you become more aroused… and as you listen to this beautiful recording, everything else will just slip away as you melt with the sands of the hourglass. The background music is by artist Tony Sway (same music as many of my others, which makes it great for seamless listening to many of them back to back). Be sure to add this one to your playlist and you’ll never want to take it off! Great for men or women! Oh and by the way, this version is VERY addictive! You won’t want to hear it just once. Every time you hear it, you’ll notice something different about it. This includes random air effects using my DJ system, reverb, and crystal clear professional quality sound.

Runtime: 26 minutes

Recording Includes: Erotic hypnosis, hands free orgasm triggers, new trigger word, sensual ASMR talking, guided lucid dreaming, unbottled poetry, sexy visualizations

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