by Isabella Valentine
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Length: 29 minutes

You see and feel beauty and love all around you as listen to the sound of My voice. Your heart swells, glows, and becomes enchanted with the rich and flowing ocean that grace brings you. Feel the warmth of breath and life flow into your lungs. And you can picture your future — new, transformed, ready, open.

Imagine you’re a stranger in a beautiful and safe part of Paris, a gorgeous French city full of good taste. The city is vibrant and alive. Buzzing. Beautiful. The sky looks like water. The dazzling stars sparkle around the glass moon. You hear the gentle lapping of a riverboat pass by, distorting the reflection of the moon. Feel Me with your soul as your mind drifts towards the sounds in the distance… frozen in time on a bridge in Paris as you look at the hypnotic pendant dangling left to right.

This script was co-written by me and a commissioned creative female ghostwriter who chose to remain anonymous. Initially written as four smaller sessions two years ago, I found them (nearly forgot about them) and combined them into one long script and today recorded it as a long meditative session. This one is more meditative than erotic but you know, everything I do sounds so sexy. This can be enjoyed by men as well as women who want to love Me AND be loved by Me.

Be sure to wear headphones so you hear the multiple background tracks and vocal effects playing. Soft, delicious, meditative piano music “Waterlilies 1, 2, 4, and 7” composed by the generously talented Kevin MacLeod.

Recording Includes:
Graceful trance, loving Isabella, stress relief, self-help, transformative vitality, classy visualization, love and light, cosmos horizon, a safe night in Paris, enjoying My company, living in grace, peace, courage, moonlit heavens.

29 minutes

Categories: Femdom, Financial Domination, Smooth & Sexy

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