Jackpot 12

by Isabella Valentine
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Length: 31 minutes

Eyes closed. Deep breaths. Follow the spinning spiral into your mind. Let everything fade around you. Imagine you are spinning faster now as you travel through the spiral into a control room. And in this control room you are in command. In front of you are knobs and dials, buttons and sliders, 16 monitors, and your own brain-to-computer interface. Find the dial for your level of relaxation and turn it all the way up. Excellent. Different images will soon play on the screen that will make you feel so very aroused!

There’s also a red button with white letters with the word Jackpot written on it, and when I say that word, press it and you will cum without even using your hands. Your arms are feeling so very very heavy. Heavier and heavier. You simply don’t want to move your hands at all. Your arms are so heavy you’ll have to cum without even touching yourself. Wait till I give the command!

Be sure to listen to Jackpot-No Hands and all the rest in the Jackpot series! This sounds great with headphones but they’re not required. Listen to My voice up close and personal and enjoy the audio show!

There is brief music in the beginning but most of the recording is music free. A soothing air drone plays throughout the recording that I think you will love.

Recording Includes:
Hands free orgasm trance, control room induction, picture what you want, erotic trigger, hands free orgasm trigger, spinning spiral, surrender to pleasure, past sexual experiences, hopeful future experiences, mesmerization, and super heavy arms so you don’t move them when you cum!

31.5 minutes

Category: Hands Free Orgasm
Tags: and super heavy arms so you don't move them when you cum, control room induction, erotic trigger, Hands free orgasm trance, hands-free orgasm trigger, hopeful future experiences, mesmerization, past sexual experiences, picture what you want, spinning spiral, surrender to pleasure

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