Deep Wash

by Isabella Valentine
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Length: 35 minutes

The ultimate operant conditioning chamber spins you in My carefully controlled brainwashing cage as you surrender to continual motion of needing to obey ME! You’ll be ENSNARED as you trance the scenic route while I stretch the perimeter of your BRAIN! Come with Me and activate your reward circuitry. NO MERCY!!!

Imagine four recordings playing at the same time: Words of Power, Perihelic Mind Trap, Exalt, Jackpot 19 — plus added sexy hypnotic sound effects — all designed to trap your mind and make you MINE!!! Multiple layers upon layers of binaural audio tracks and overdubbing vocals simulate an oscillatory perturbation in a super sexy brainwashing machine where you are programmed in warp drive!! Nothing beats My omni-directional, sexy, vocal sounds as they impact you to MAXIMUM CAPACITY!

This is part of My washing machine series! Be sure to pick up Spin Cycle and Power Dry!

This is designed to be played at very high volume, so TURN IT UP as loud as you can stand it!!! Relentless teasing!

Recording Includes:
Brainwashing, mind control, female domination, addiction to Isabella, obedience training, erotic trigger words, financial domination, sex stimulus, brain reinforcement to make it all about Isabella, reverse psychology, soul possession, cock control.

Runtime: 35 minutes

Categories: Brainwashing, Recent
Tags: addiction to Isabella, brain reinforcement to make it all about Isabella, brainwashing, cock control, erotic trigger words, female domination, financial domination, mind control, obedience training, reverse psychology, sex stimulus, soul possession

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