by Isabella Valentine
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Length: 27 minutes
Arousal For Ladies

Hello, beautiful. You look like you might enjoy a sweet, enthralling bit of erotic trance. Come lie down, feel the relaxation in your shoulders traveling around the back of your head. Slip into this sensual mind massage. For me, it feels a lot like a sedative learning to dance.

Euphoria is streaming seamlessly through you dazed mind. Nice and slow. It's reached your first vein. That's right… That tingling sensation going down your neck, that's the buzzy feeling. It's started. That's how you know it's working…

3. 2. 1. Sleep… and relax. Slip into your thoughts as I escort you to a erotic land painted through ecstasy and bliss, where sunlight dares to dance in circles of your entranced mind, where your arousal builds with the softness of each flowing word. This psychedelic trippy journey is a very soft and sensuous exploration of the curious mind. Rise from the ashes and follow the wave. The wave is headed to beauty, want a ride? Plug in to the matrix.

And because it's so easy to love sci-fi and women, this is making you feel so very sexy, and so aroused as you think about superheroes. So very sexy. Rise, my Princess of the Phoenix, and open a hand-touched door inside the imagination. This ambisexual element tiptoes around the naked oneness of male/female while surrendering to the soft falling of deep trance. And very soon, you may feel tingles all over your sweet spots as you tap into an erotic balance of strength and grace, and you are falling deeper, and fine erotica is writing a word with your mind, swirling in your mind from every angle.

Follow the beauty in the mind garden where zen meets hither. And you are slipping sensually deeper and deeper into this deviant washing of secret mysteries unfolded, where nipple magic sparkles as you look around. There are subtle erotic undertones which include soft, sensual, and sexy words to stimulate and still the mind. Focus on the wave of the journey. Soo beautiful.

This is designed to be listened to as a background track while you are working, sleeping, chilling, “expanding the mind”, or just whatever. Session may be played continuously without wakeup command.

Oh what an intoxicating feeling it is to slip deeper into that beautiful sensation. Sometimes the voice has a way of arranging the relaxation around sex to form words that sound like languages, and here you can be even more beautiful, connected to erotic fantasy and riding the wave of ecstasy. Safe, universal content.

This mp3 contains panning elements (from left to right ear and vice versa) in specific places and on specific words, as well as random vocal layers that gently float on top of and underneath primary vocals. To get the most effectiveness of the recording, be sure you wear stereo headphones.

Format:Mp3 Audio File
Sound Quality:Professional First Rate
Vocal Sound Effects:Yes
Prop Sound Effects:Yes
Background Music:Yes
Overdubbing Vocals:Yes
File Size (MB):25
File Length (Minutes):27

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Tags: arousal, bellydancing, connection, erotic sexual literature in the form of trance poetry, fantasy, finding and following beauty, international vocals, male/female balance, Mesmerizing erotic wordplay, mind swirling, motivation to dance, nakedness, passion, Princess of the Phoenix, psychedelic wave, sensual adult themes, spiraling, tapping into Source, wind whispers

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