by Isabella Valentine
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Length: 34 minutes

Hypnotists Isabella Valentine and Mistress Lycia join together for this ultimate addiction recording!

Wow, where do I begin? This recording truly is an amazing experience and so much happens! Let's just say that it starts off like this.

Goddess Isabella creates a fantasy hypnotic drug called "Bellaphine" that gets injected into your right arm for several minutes that causes you to fall into a deep hypnotic sleep while feeling very aroused. While Bellaphine is filling through your veins on your right hand side of your body, Isabella is talking to you on your right hand side... through your right ear, very seductively, hypnotically, soothing you.

Mistress Lycia creates a fantasy hypnotic drug called "Lycaphine" that gets injected into your left arm for several minutes that causes the same sleep that Bellaphine does and she talks to you on your left hand side, numbing you, making you feel helpless, tired, exhausted.

After our "drugs" have had their effect on you, you begin to hallucinate. You begin to hear double. Our voices begin to sound sweeter. You hear more than one of us. You hear us in every direction. You hear us everywhere. You're surrounded by us. You are soooo high. It's freaking amazing!

Then the best part. When Bellaphine and Lycaphine begin to mix, We create the best addiction of all: Adoraphine. You crave us. You want us. The best addiction of all. If you have a love and addiction fetish and want to be owned and control to want us for the rest of your lives, then this recording is FOR YOU.

And for the ultimate rush, there is a heart beating slowly in the background in the lower your own heart rate. It gradually begins to quicken as your own sexual arousal grows towards the end of the recording. It's genius!

Note: For this recording, please use stereo headphones (instead of computer speakers) for an effective hypnosis session since this uses binaural stereo sound as well as close-range whisper audio tracks. If you use computer speakers, you will MISS OUT on several things spoken, and will miss out on a truly enjoyable experience that was designed completely for stereo headphones.

Format:Mp3 Audio File
Sound Quality:Professional First Rate
Vocal Sound Effects:Yes
Prop Sound Effects:No
Background Music:No
Overdubbing Vocals:Yes
File Size (MB):31
File Length (Minutes):34

Categories: All Mp3's, Femdom
Tags: " fantasy hypnotic drug addiction (not real drugs), always being addicted to us all the time, and feeling a "hypnotic high., bad consequences when we're not around, being controlled, craving us, deepener triggers, erotic hypnosis, Love and addiction fetish, needing a "fix, orgasm command, post-hypnotic suggestions, sexual arousal, wanting us

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