Spin Cycle 4

by Isabella Valentine
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Length: 27 minutes

More BRAINWASHING in the Spin Cycle! This fourth time around, I stepped out of the studio and into a fabulous, warm pool. Pay Me while I relax! Hear Me lightly splashing around and enjoying myself.

To intensify the feeling of a mind wash, this special session was recorded in two locations: an indoor heated swimming pool and a sauna. The background vocals have a natural reverb, and you can hear me splashing in the water, sometimes spinning around and other times talking – and my famous lalalala. In the foreground, you’ll hear me in a quiet sauna so you can hear my voice up close and personal. These two contrasting locations bring in the long, deep echoes as well as the feisty and intimate voiceovers you’ll love to hear. You’ll hear some vocal singing as I relax in the pool, demanding your money.

After this was recorded, I edited this with neat sound effects, binaural panning, deep reverbs, an aqualizer, and other VST plugin effects to bring out the vocal quality. I interweaved my voice into multiple voiceovers so you can get that FULL BRAINWASHING experience! Oh you’ll love this one!

The ULTIMATE WASH as you spin spin spin faster and faster, spending and spending! SPENDING AND SPENDING! Give it to ISABELLA! Buy it! BUY IT! BUYYYY ITTTT!!!

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Recording Includes:
Erotic trance, financial domination, brainwashing, sexy mind control, female domination, addiction to Isabella, repetition, demanding your money, tease, playful flirting, gifting, needing to give to Isabella, and filling your shopping cart!

Runtime: Approx. 27 minutes

Categories: Brainwashing, Recent, Financial Domination

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