Rising Fall

by Isabella Valentine
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Length: 34 minutes
HFO For Ladies Couples

Slow, deep breaths. You are drawn to a vivid violet light, being delighted by the waves of my voice. Skin on skin.

Sex is rich in spirituality; they are not separate. Within this sacred space, mind, body, spirit, and sex are fully integrated. This recording focuses on the 2nd and 3rd chakra (sex and manipura).

As the spirit connects with Tantric sexual energy, experience waves of spiritual energetic orgasms. Without even touching yourself physically, experience lovemaking with your partner as though it is REALLY happening! The point is not sex. It is to feel. It is to be aware. The point is not to orgasm, but to refrain from physically ejaculating.

If you don't have a partner, you will visualize a FUTURE partner! Very sexy. Very powerful. With practice, these Tantric techniques through trance may very well be sexier than any previous orgasm you've ever had. Or at least, it certainly was for me!

Note: Learning these tantric techniques took me eight years to learn, three weeks to write the script, four hours to record, and another five hours of sound editing to create a program approximately 30 minutes long. This method is very effective. With time, you too WILL master it. It's worth it. Trust me. This is very safe and ethical. This is sort of a blend between the hands-free Jackpot series as well as the loving subduction of Breathless. Recommended for couples, singles, men, women, or transgenders. This does not contain domination, however DOES have erotic suggestions and energetic orgasm triggers.

Stereo headphones recommended for maximum effectiveness.

Listen alone or with a partner. If you are wearing a chastity device or have been instructed NOT to orgasm by a Mistress, I'm sorry to say this DEFINITELY qualifies as orgasmic.

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