Spin Cycle

by Isabella Valentine
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This is part of the Isabella Washer/Dryer Series which uses invasive techniques to brainwash your mind.

The topic of this series is: Isabella Worship & Devotion

Give your love, your mind, your soul, your brain, your devotion, and your servitude to Goddess Isabella. Listen to this and your entire world will belong to Me. I designed this for those who want to be completely brainwashed to serve Me with your entire life but don’t have the financial-domination fetish. Don’t worry, there is no money mentioned in this recording whatsoever. Besides, in this mp3, I’d rather have your soul – which is much more valuable!

Think you have what it takes to give Me all of you? Then get your stereo headphones, turn the volume at a higher-than-normal level (anything lower than normal is a waste of your time and you shouldn’t bother listening at all otherwise you’re just wimping out.) And then be prepared to give up your soul to Me.

This is not for everyone and this experience will overwhelm some people. I anticipate that some people will love this and some people may even hate this. Personally I don’t care which category you fall under, but I do know that if you make it through the entire session, your heart will be racing uncontrollably by the end. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. There are subliminal messages that you may not understand and I do not expect you to. Keep listening on repeat. The more you listen, the more you will decipher. I will not decipher them for you. There are no triggers. This is not hypnosis. This is deep brainwashing.

Fetishes include:
Brainwashing, invasive techniques, soul ownership, servitude, submission, Isabella worship, spinning your mind, HypnoDomme replacement, addiction and obsession to Me, praise and worship to Me, arousal, repetitive slogans, extreme hardcore mind conditioning, orgasm permission, abrupt climactic ending.

Categories: Recent, Smooth & Sexy, The God Album

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