Love and Serve Isabella 3

by Isabella Valentine
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Length: 27 minutes

Ooh it’s so expensive, honey! You shouldn’t have! Your cock is hard isn’t it. You’re addicted, addicted, addicted. How long have you been thinking about cumming tonight? How long have I been on your mind? You know, I was just thinking about you, honey. I thought about how hard you came last night. It makes My pussy soooo wet when you feel aroused by My power and control. Don’t stroke your cock until I tell you to… yes, you love doing what I say. Feel your cock getting hard with your mind. No touching until I say.

Background R&B music by talented artist Tony Sway. I loooove fast, badass cars! About 9 minutes into this session, you’ll begin to hear many of My favorite luxury car engine sounds while I tease your cock with My sexy voice. When I tell you to stroke and cum, get ready to hear some sexy cars, baby! Be sure to listen to Love and Serve Isabella 1 and 2 (in chronological order) so your cock will respond to My erotic triggers that are repeated again here.

There is also a post-hypnotic suggestion in this recording that encourages you to stay up late at night (about once a month) and listen to many of My recordings back-to-back and lose sleep as My voice penetrates your mind for hours. Collect all My recordings and take your orgasms to the NEXT LEVEL!

Recording Includes:
Love and addiction to Isabella, sensual trance, cocktease, JOI, erotic triggers, orgasm command, spoiling Isabella, weak to Isabella, continual arousal day after day, needing Isabella, luxury car sound effects, dragster racing, sperm propulsion, craving Isabella’s voice.

Runtime: 27.5 minutes

Categories: Devotion, Femdom, Financial Domination

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