Macho Sissy

by Isabella Valentine
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Length: 17 minutes


The moment you've all been waiting for! Finally you all can hear me in a real-time session and hear how I sound as a real, true flirtatious-dominant in my personal life. This is also great for wives and girlfriends unfamiliar with forced feminization!

I invited a date over to my apartment and while he was downstairs, I decided to turn on my microphone without him realizing it. Needless to say, he never had a clue that I was recording our session (although afterwards I did tell him and he gave me permission to use it as long as I didn't mention his name). I started very sweet and nice, but by the middle of the recording, I turn into a demanding dominant.

He is a very macho guy (or at least he was until I got through with him) and is in the military, is very fit and buff, and has no problem getting women. He thought he was coming to my place to fuck me. Little did he know, I had other plans.

Basically, I led him to believe I'd let him fuck me any way he wanted to as long as he'd dress up like a girl for me and eventually let me fuck him with a strapon. Needless to say, it took a lot of persuading! So I decided to blackmail him by taking a few polaroids. It worked. By the end of the session, I forced him to be my submissive little pantyboy sissy and he learned to love it!

Note: The original session was over 40 minutes because he kept stalling and hesitating. However due to time contraints and to keep the recording entertaining and well-paced, I edited silent and mumbled parts. This recording has been condensed and is much more exciting now!

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Overdubbing Vocals:No
File Size (MB):15
File Length (Minutes):17

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Tags: blackmail, cockteasing, consensual strapon after much persuasion, forced feminization, forced to wear panties, forced to wear thigh highs, knee bowing, light foot worship, Macho Sissy, power exchange

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