The Infinite Swirl

by Isabella Valentine
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Length: 20 minutes

Unlock your fullest, most creative self with this mind-expanding spiral induction. Flow with the pulsing of your mind as you soar through the bluest blue. Calm and still. Come along and ride the inward wave of relaxation.

Yatra is the Sanskrit word for "sacred journey" ... and my goal in this session is to introduce the yatra to the world of infinite creativity. Meditative to induce a genuine sense of peace of mind, joy, and fulfillment. Inspiring for left and right brained individuals wishing to tap into a truly divergent space to strengthen your overall creativity.

It is very important that you should be happy. Happy when you are working, resting, or creating. Personally, I feel that people are more likely to be happy when they are developing their creative skills. This session is specifically designed to gently guide you to do what you love. And you are so very good doing what you love. And there are many new and beautiful things to love, that are all parts of your unique individuality.

This induction features the reiteration of the famous T.O.T.E. Model to associate excellence with everything you pursue.

These subjects are included within the embodiment of this recording: Art and literature, logic, business, economics, architecture, computer engineering, math, and science. Numbers, letters, creative codes, higher memory retention, understanding the relationship between creativity and logic.

Great for all genders!

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