7 Voluptuous

by Isabella Valentine
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Length: 56 minutes
Femdom For Ladies

Ultra-feminine relaxation track for ladies who are curious about submissive power exchange in which the listener (you) surrenders to Isabella (me). A hybrid of contemporary Domina / submissive woman themes, Tantric Goddess ... female superior worship themes, and my delicate spin of playful, sliding vibrations between Goddess and Mistress fantasies.

Glazing over the ear candy are my organic, poetic words from my heart chakra to yours. Sensual, sweet whisper treats draw my lady pet closer and nearer to me. Experience the scandalous fantasy of kneeling before Goddess in a hotel room. All that stands between us is time, space, and a stainless steel chain snugly fastened to your throat collar. This is as delicious going in as it flows out... a safe space to fantasize femdom and Goddess-energy themes.

"Slather the gaze of your eyes all over my body. Wash me with the flirtatious glances. Feel how I rinse you with mine."

To fully appreciate the delicate layers of whispers, and strategic emphasizers, stereo headphones are recommended and preferred while listening. Runtime nearly a full hour, so there is plenty of Goddess time to enjoy yourself thoroughly.

Do enjoy!

Format:Mp3 Audio File
Sound Quality:Professional First Rate
Vocal Sound Effects:Yes
Prop Sound Effects:No
Background Music:No
Overdubbing Vocals:Yes
File Size (MB):53
File Length (Minutes):56

Categories: All Mp3's, Femdom, For Ladies, Goddess Tantra

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