Jackpot 22

by Isabella Valentine
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Length: 30 minutes

I own a little piece of your heart. The plan is to own ALL of it!! You better not be touching yourself! I didn’t tell you that you could touch THAT THING!!! You can think about your dick, but no touching your dick! When I want you to cum you will do it with NO HANDS when I say! I control your soul! If I wanted you to have a soul, I would have issued you one. I overpower you. I control your brain stem. I control your face! You’re ENSNARED by My power! That’s what makes you want to cum harder each time you hear My voice! Now you’re addicted, addicted! And you thought you’d NEVER be addicted to Me. Yet here you are!

50% more written/spoken content condensed into 30 minutes! This is definitely one of the most intense versions of Jackpot I have out! EXTREME BRAINWASHING NOT FOR WEAK FUCKS!! Be sure to listen to the entire Jackpot series and a few of my “evil” recordings (Spin Cycle, Power Dry, Queen of Hearts: The Evil Version) to really appreciate this!

Overdubbing vocals and binaural stereo sound spin your mind into an eternal brainwashing spiral. You belong to ME now!

Recording Includes:
Intense brainwashing, mind control, owning your soul, possession, obsession to Isabella, extreme financial domination, erotic triggers, hands free cumming, love and addiction to Isabella, female domination, quantum physics roleplay, increased theta activity, neuroimaging, cock control, and fucking you up (good).

Runtime: 30 minutes

Categories: Brainwashing, Devotion, Femdom, Hands Free Orgasm

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