Love Potion

by Isabella Valentine
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Length: 30 minutes

Here, honey. I made you a drink. It’s a very special brew that I think you are going to like. Very shortly you will become deeply infatuated with Me. You might even fall in love with Me. Love is kind. Love is everlasting. I am summoning you to Me. Come away from dark and into the light. Surround yourself with gentleness and softness and open your heart to love. Notice the feelings of loving Goddess Isabella flowing through you like a beautiful river. Expand your consciousness as you dream of loving Me just as I am. Perfectly imperfect. Love all of Me because you want to. Love Me day and night. Love to see the good in Me. Love My stretchmarked skin. Love Me when all you have is love. Love Me as I get older year after year.

Be sure to wear headphones to hear the binaural whisper-echo tracks and cosmos background instrumental playing in surround 3D sound.

Love and affection, love spell, deep infatuation spell, unbroken love ties, gifting, sacrifice, love potion, kindness, compassion, random Jackpot triggers, unconditional love, beauty, and gentle touch.

30 minutes

Categories: Devotion, Hands Free Orgasm, Smooth & Sexy

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