Love Spell 3

by Isabella Valentine
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Here I go again, making you fall in love with me so hard, so deep, soooo good! Follow the sound of my sweet, soft voice as I relax you… feeling sooo good… oh you so love this feeling that tingles pleasure gently across your sleepy body… I am hypnotizing you to fall in love, more and more in love with Me! Submit and serve your hot Domina Isabella la lalalala…

Soon this will all be a blur… My voice makes everything all better… My fingers gently massaging your mind, circling sky flows through thoughts like clouds…

You live for my sensual dominance and My sweet voice sliding through your ears. Be sure to wear headphones so you can hear all the multi-track vocal nuance panning through binaural waves of femdom control. You won’t want to miss this beautiful, hypnotic seduction!

Femdom erotic hypnosis, love and addiction, gentle voice, love spell, magic, witchcraft, light power, surrender to Goddess, female domination, sensual domination, nice and sweet.

Even if you haven’t heard Love Spell 1 and Love Spell 2, you can still enjoy this as a stand-alone trance. So very soothing and hypnotic!

Categories: Recent, Smooth & Sexy
Tags: female domination, Femdom erotic hypnosis, gentle voice, light power, love and addiction, love spell, magic, nice and sweet, sensual domination, surrender to Goddess, witchcraft

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