Stroke Slow

by Isabella Valentine
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Length: 45 minutes

Slow down the speed of thought as your arousal builds stronger and stronger. In this 45 minute session for men, you are given a guided masturbation meditation filled with sweet subliminal layers of beautiful and safe suggestions. This tantric sexual exploration of mind and body allows you to feel excitement and arousal while you touch yourself. Your penis will be under the influence of trance, allowing you to maintain your erection the whole time while stroking very very slowly. Come where relaxation meets seduction. Surrender to sexual resistance and erotic constraint while you're teased at the brink.

The goal of this experience is to prolong your orgasm until you're given a trigger at the very last minute. Great for trance connoisseurs who appreciate fine quality photographic details of gorgeous women. You will learn the difference between urgency and fervor in relation to masturbating so you can have stronger orgasms, longer erections, and more freedom to enjoy them. Allow yourself to be stripped of thought as you drift into erotic sleep. This mp3 is perfect for heterosexual men who desire a long recording where they're specifically told how to stroke during masturbation. Servitude precedes erection. Thinking precedes surrender. Arousal precedes orgasm. Free your inhibitions. Give in to how you wish to feel pleasure, deeper into where you are surrounded by color and light, sight and sound, touch and taste, titillating your senses...

The background is a compilation of heavy erotic breathing, binaural hypnotic affirmations, and a provocative cinematic score featuring composer Yuri Sazonoff. Reflective ambience. Symphony orchestra. Textured piano melody. This one's epic! (If I were a guy, I'd probably become addicted to this one!)

It is highly recommended that stereo headphones be used to maximize your Ultimate Orgasmic Experience.

Fetishes include
erotic hypnosis, tantric, peaceful traveling, mind journey, time and space floating, water drops, deep pleasure, whirlwind, guided masturbation, maintaining erection, relaxation trigger, orgasm trigger, special 2nd orgasm trigger, personalized fantasy, Chantilly lace fetish, women fetish, breast fetish, ass fetish, legs and feet fetish, spiritual trance, sexual eroticism, lucid dreaming, hip grinding, flattery, eye fixation, sperm objectification, long hair fetish, tingling sensations, emotional and sexual release.

Format:Mp3 Audio File
Sound Quality:Professional First Rate
Vocal Sound Effects:Yes
Prop Sound Effects:No
Background Music:Yes
Overdubbing Vocals:Yes
File Size (MB):41
File Length (Minutes):45

Categories: All Mp3's, Hardcore Porn, Isabella's Choice, Nice Girl, Sapiosexual
Tags: ass fetish, breast fetish, Chantilly lace fetish, deep pleasure, emotional and sexual release, erotic hypnosis, eye fixation, flattery, guided masturbation, hip grinding, legs and feet fetish, long hair fetish, lucid dreaming, maintaining erection, mind journey, orgasm trigger, peaceful traveling, personalized fantasy, relaxation trigger, sexual eroticism, special 2nd orgasm trigger, sperm objectification, spiritual trance, tantric, time and space floating, tingling sensations, water drops, whirlwind, women fetish

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