The Fag and The Furious

by Isabella Valentine
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Length: 4 minutes
Gay H

You're driving 120 mph down the highway getting a BLOWJOB from a FAGGOT and you're STROKING HIM OFF. He's been telling you how bad he wants to PROBE YOUR FURRY HOLE, and now he's SUCKING YOUR COCK. Every THRUST of your COCK into his MOUTH fills you with electric jolts of steamy, HOMOEROTIC PLEASURE! Put your hand on the back of his head, FAGGOT! He's ready to BLOW! He can't hold back long! Be sure you CUM when he does and release a torrent of HOT CUM into that SWEET FAGGOT MOUTH. That's it, FAGGOT COCKSUCKER!

Format:Mp3 Audio File
Sound Quality:HD Studio Quality
Vocal Sound Effects:No
Prop Sound Effects:No
Background Music:No
Overdubbing Vocals:No
File Size (MB):6
File Length (Minutes):4

Categories: All Mp3's, Gay/Gay Humiliation, Mini Sessions
Tags: audio porn, blowjob, cock obsession, cocktease, driving fast, faggot, Gay humiliation, gay sex, handjob, homoerotic, namecalling, oral sex

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