Jackpot 7

by Isabella Valentine
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Length: 52 minutes

Introducing the session that dares to ask: what would happen if you won the jackpot?

Lady Luck has been caressing you today, because you've just won millions and millions at the casino. As a reward, you decide to celebrate with some music, drinks, and beautiful women. Meet Anna. 5'2″ in Manolo Blahniks in her long white evening gown with a slit going all the way up to her treasure trove. She purrs as she looks at you, ready to pounce. Then there's Brandy. Tall, 5'10 without heels, and she's wearing Christian Louboutins. She's in a long black formfitting satin gown, hugging every curve, accentuating her large and perky breasts. You did magnificently at the casino night. You have millions of cash to throw on the bed. Two gorgeous women wanting to rip your clothes off.

And then there is me: I'm ready to turn them loose on your hot and horny self.

Hi, I'm Isabella Valentine. This is Jackpot 7. And in this world there is only one rule... no touching! Trust me, with the three of us you will not need to touch a thing. I've spent some time with you already, preparing you with my beautiful induction. Melting and teasing your mind to respond just the way I desire. You have fantasized about being a millionaire, and with my hypnotic words you have fulfilled your dream. Now let Anna and Brandy tease your body and arouse your lust. Let me show you how to really celebrate. You know what happens when I say that special word. Cumming with no hands; this is the reality. Let me show you. Relentless teasing. Brandy gliding down your chest, teasing your nipples. Anna stroking your excitement. And you're only one word away from having a multi-millionaire orgasm.

One trigger word away from the edge.

One word... and then you're mine.

The Jackpot series is a must-have. Each session is very different than the other in terms of content (the purpose being to open adults to new fetishes and new ways to experience arousal), and they all contain the same magic word trigger to induce instant no hands orgasm. Recommended listening: do be sure to successfully orgasm to the first in the series — Jackpot: No Hands (the first in the series) to familiarize yourself with my style so that you are trained to ejaculate on command EVERY TIME — before listening to Jackpot 7. Turn off the lights. Lock your door. Put on your headphones. Loosen your pants. And listen to the sound of my smooth voice. Over 50 minutes or erotic ecstasy and pleasure from 3 beautiful women. I dare you to take the plunge.

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File Length (Minutes):52

Categories: Hands Free Orgasm, Hardcore Porn

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