Queen of Persia 2 Obey and Serve

by Isabella Valentine
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Length: 36 minutes

Queen of Persia Trilogy:

MP3 #1: Queen of Persia (Seduction)

MP3 #2: Queen of Persia 2 Obey and Serve (Obedience Training)

MP3 #3: Queen of Persia 3 Wrath of the Queen (Punishment)

In 559 B.C., The Great Isabella, Queen of Persia was so hypnotic that even the great and powerful King of Persia gave up his throne so She could run the country. Her voice was So enchanting and mesmorizing that even the most promiment figures in history willingly bowed before Her to give Her anything She required.

And since She had seduced everyone and everyone was now completely in love with Her, She knew they would all obey anything She commanded. The men would obey everything and go through hell on earth for Her. They would learn true submission and would no longer be dominant to the women. Men would be turned into human furniture, human objects, sufficed into human pieces of nothingness and they would learn to accept their place in the world as "just a number" because these were the Queen's wishes. Yes, you BECOME A NUMBER. 75986. Your slave number!!!

In this mp3, you will be given many chores, tasks, duties, and will be pushed to your limit to please the Queen! Your identity will be taken away and you will be turned into nothing but a slave, a mindless drone, as you are forced to serve the superior women of the Earth.

And with the new words of the Queen, the men had no choice... but to Obey and Serve.

I recommend you use stereo headphones to hear mantras that are dubbed on binaural audio sound waves. This mp3 includes a 7 minute storyline narrative and a 29+ minute obedience training. Enjoy this true epic!

Fetishes include:

Brain conditioning, continuation of addiction through obedience, obedience training, human furniture, objectification, branding, male inferiority to women, turned into a number, hard daily tasks for women, repetitive mantras, Queen Isabella worship, building statues of Queen Isabella, bathing the women, superior women, tough assignments, fasting, hunger, thirst, heat, servitude, eternal slavery and human auction block purchasing. Willing to endure harsh human conditions to Obey the Queen, and so much more! There is an orgasm command only if you follow the post-hypnotic obedience command otherwise you will receive punishment in the following recording.

Originally recorded in 2007. Re-released and completely remastered in 2015.

After listening to this, be sure to check out Queen of Persia 3: Wrath of the Queen  ... LINK!

Format:Mp3 Audio File
Sound Quality:Professional First Rate
Vocal Sound Effects:Yes
Prop Sound Effects:Yes
Background Music:Yes
Overdubbing Vocals:Yes
File Size (MB):50
File Length (Minutes):36

Categories: Femdom, Roleplays, The God Album
Tags: bathing the women, Brain conditioning, branding, building statues of Queen Isabella, continuation of addiction through obedience, fasting, hard daily tasks for women, heat, human furniture, hunger, male inferiority to women, obedience training, objectification, Queen Isabella worship, repetitive mantras, servitude, superior women, thirst, tough assignments, turned into a number

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