Stockings and Shareholders

by Isabella Valentine
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Length: 40 minutes
For Ladies

As soon as I walk into your office, you are mine. To make it official, I'm going to need you to sign some papers. Sign, date, and initial here... and here. Good slaaaaave.

Large and high performing CEO, your job title has been revised to Goddess Isabella's Slave. Your responsibility now includes keeping the supply closet stocked with enough warm massage oil to keep my feet slick when you massage them.

I'll go over the contracts with you SOO seductively, you'll swear I gave you a "contract fetish." You're so head over heels, NOT EVEN your board of directors can stop me. With your every signature, you gradually relinquish control.

In this 40-minute audio lawyer erotica fantasy, I play a hot, horny, power hungry corporate attorney who is taking over your company. You'll especially love that even though I could leave you with nothing, I set you up with a very attractive severance package with bonuses you wouldn't dare turn down. Never has legalese sounded so sexy! Surrender to your sweet Isabella. Mistress has decided to exercise her statutorily authorized discretion to step up enforcement of my foot massaging policy.

This contains a countdown to instructed orgasm at the end, and this file can be enjoyed by all genders! Themes includes: foot worship, ass worship, breast worship, lawyer fetish, contract fetish,  dominant company takeover, sapiosexual language, and so much more! Headphones recommended but not required.

Note: This file took me 7, almost 8 weeks to write, along with Isabella Teaches Law. They were both written and compiled as a giant labor of love for law scholars such as law students, law professors, lawyers, judges, etc., however, you don't need any experience with law to thoroughly enjoy the smooth, deep, seductive journey I created for you in my classroom. Given my admiration for those with an impressive comprehension for the fair and just application of the law, I wanted to create lawyer erotica that would tug at heart strings and fan sexual fires.

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Format:Mp3 Audio File
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Prop Sound Effects:Yes
Background Music:Yes
Overdubbing Vocals:No
File Size (MB):37
File Length (Minutes):40

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