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In this mp3, Isabella is the seductive, venomous Spider who captures and lures you into Her silken web where you get caught… stuck… and the more you try to resist… the more you find yourself helpless and powerless. Don’t bother trying to resist Isabella, you’ll never be able to resist Her awesome web!

Once you’re caught, Isabella bites you with Her hypnotic Venom… which makes your body hot, boiling hot! The hotter you get… the more aroused you get… but watch it… sometimes She might cool you down! You’ll need more of Her Venom of you want to stay aroused, but you’ll be sweating!

Special notes about this recording:
This recording uses special tremolo binaural brainwave patterns that are played extremely rapidly, alternatingly beats fast for ultimate brainwashing. YOU MUST USE STEREO HEADPHONES to hear the tremolo effect properly and go down in a deeper trance. (It will feel like you are inside of a rave with strobe lights hitting your ears when you wear stereo headphones!)

Please do not listen to this recording (or even the sample – especially on repeat) if you have epileptic seizures – because this could trigger a grand mal seizure, are pregnant or think you could be, or have a heart condition.

Recording includes:
Brainwashing, invasive techniques, brain stretching, body stretching, body trapping, mind intimidation, predator/prey fetish, victimization, mind devouring, body temperature rise/fall, mind erasing, body constricting, arousal triggers, Isabella worship, and orgasm command at the end.

Categories: Femdom, Smooth & Sexy, The God Album
Tags: and orgasm command at the end, arousal triggers, body constricting, body stretching, body temperature rise/fall, body trapping, brain stretching, brainwashing, invasive techniques, Isabella worship, mind devouring, mind erasing, mind intimidation, predator/prey fetish, victimization

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