The Far Cycle

by Isabella Valentine
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Length: 21 minutes

This recording was written and produced on Veteran’s Day Weekend and is a tribute to our wonderful military and veterans who serve and protect America. Service members have recently said to me, “Don’t go easy on me!” So I decided to make this recording extra naughty and dominating. Keep in mind that I love you guys!!!

It’s been a while since I’ve dabbled in humiliation, strong financial domination, and aggressive domination, however YOU GUYS ASKED FOR IT, so here you go!

In this session, you’ll be called a maggot (among other things), and I assume you can handle it since you all went through basic. I’m sure your drill instructor called you that too, right?

“Your balls can turn black for all I care, maggot!”

Anyway, this recording might make you cry — but in a good way! There are lots of erotic triggers thrown in here from previous sessions plus one brand new trigger too! Stroke your cock if you want or don’t touch yourself at all and just respond to the triggers for a hands free orgasm (Must have listened to Jackpot or Perihelic Mind Trap, at a minimum)! It’s up to you! Freedom, baby

Background music produced by Anjey Satori.

Recording Includes:
Financial domination, humiliation, erection domination, spoiling Mistress, loving Isabella more than everyone else, breast worship, blue balls, ruthless wallet wounding, erotic triggers, hands free orgasm commands, sperm domination, bleeding your bank, dick slapping, and making your dick ache.

What’s not to love? No mercy for the weak and willing, maggot!

Runtime: 21 minutes

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