Pathetic Pay Piggy

by Isabella Valentine
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In this evil roleplay, I’m fixated on taking your money by any means necessary, and I WILL destroy you! Give me everything I want or I’m going to tell everyone you like to suck shemale cock! Who cares if you or your wife have to work overtime?! Fuck your wife and her lazy ass. Pay your Mistress Isabella. Do what I say or everyone is going to find out what a cocksucker you are. Pay up, piggy bank. Bella deserves all the finer things in life. Slave your life away and fill up my bank account with thousands of dollars. Do it or I’m going to tell your boss you jerk off to shemales. No I don’t want half. I want it ALL!!! And I’m taking it!!! I want you to SUFFER, bitch. I want it to HURT!!

(This file is consensual blackmail fantasy for entertainment only.)

Includes: Financial domination, blackmail fantasy, suffering for my pleasure, love and addiction, money fetish, human ATM, spousal humiliation.

Categories: Recent, Femdom, Financial Domination
Tags: blackmail fantasy, financial domination, human ATM, love and addiction, money fetish, spousal humiliation, suffering for my pleasure

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