Deeply Bellatized

by Isabella Valentine
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Length: 31 minutes

Every once in a while, including right now, listening to Me may cause you to suddenly want to do everything I say. Naturally I’m biased. I love it when you do everything I say. You are happiest when you are serving and pleasing Me. You are so very happy when you make Goddess happy. Very very sleeeepy for Me now… all the more deeper into trance as you surrender to My large, soft breasts. Teasing you with My thick ass in these black lacy panties.

I’m going to give you a trigger word that will make your cock 15% harder every time I say it. If I keep saying it, you might just start cumming without even using your hands. Wait till you hear the Jackpot trigger and feel your orgasm completely belong to Me. I said Be Mine. And you said Yes Mistress. And now you are Mine, all Mine, My Darling Valentine.

Special thanks to Ross Bugden whose free commercial license allowed me modify his original music “Interstellar” to fit this session.

Recording includes:
Love and addiction trance, Surrendering to Isabella, erotic trigger, hands-free orgasm command, financial seduction, subtle particle physics, life encouragement, curvy BBW cocktease, relaxing to My voice, bending your will to My commands, loving Me forever.

31 minutes

Categories: Devotion, Financial Domination, Hands Free Orgasm

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