Jackpot: The Companion Guide

by Isabella Valentine
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Length: 35 minutes

This is a free mp3 recording for fans of the Jackpot series by Isabella Valentine, and it is made with love.

In this 35 minute program, I will share some of my favorite inspirational stories that I've heard over the years from clients who have overcome tremendous challenges to experience hands-free orgasms including a friend of a client who had no hands (double amputee), a client who was paralyzed from the waist down and could not physically ejaculate, and a man who wanted to see if he could achieve ejaculation while wearing a painful chastity device. In addition to these amazing stories, I will share words of encouragement, give practical advice including "dry runs," releasing expectations, and giving yourself permission to engage with me on a fantasy realm.

You will learn of a married man who struggled with finding the balance of fantasizing about his wife while being guided by my voice to orgasm and you'll learn the secrets to having fun with less analyzation.

Jackpot: The Companion Guide is not a guided hands-free orgasm session and does not include hypnosis (the Jackpot series does, however).

This mp3 is to give hope and encouragement to my clients and potential clients looking to achieve the finest orgasms of their lives without using their hands, even for those who have yet to experience it. The goal in Jackpot: The Companion Guide is to profoundly inspire a positive sense of sexual health and self esteem while removing guilt, shame, and regret from the fantasizing process so you can achieve maximum results. Enjoy!

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