Kiss My Ass

by Isabella Valentine
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Length: 21 minutes

It's dark out tonight. Most people are in bed right now, probably sleeping. It's around this time I like to walk the streets. I'd like to think no one else is around, except you, my sweet voyeur. If you close your eyes, you might be able to hear the click clack of my six inch black heels as I cross the bridge over the crosswalk. All I'm wearing is a sheer black bra and matching black thong. They're thin, skimpy, and did I say sheer? You'd think a girl would know better than to cross the streets alone wearing something as alluring as this. I see you staring from the safety of your window, behind your Venetian blinds. Watching, wondering how my tight small ass can be the perfect seduction. You're staring at my ass. You want everything to do with my ass. My ass compels your thoughts to obey me (Very FEMDOM). Your mind is spinning thoughts around my tight, round ass. My extraordinary walk is so very pleasing to look at ... oh how I love knowing you will soon be drooling over my delectable perfect ass. I present to you, this flawless radiance. Your mind is becoming so very dizzy and you want to kiss my ass. If you love ass, you'll want this.

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Categories: All Mp3's, Femdom, Roleplay
Tags: addiction to the almighty ass, ass fetish, ass kissing, ass worship, butt adoration, Erotic hypnotic seduction, orgasm command, sensual erotic triggers, voyeur of women

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