Cocoon Submission

by Isabella Valentine
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Length: 30 minutes

This unisex erotic hypnosis mp3 is designed to guide you into a warm place in deep submission and devotion. Feel the comfort of safety and security inside of the cocoon of my voice. Learn the true art of submission so you can feel pleasure inside obedience. Let your mind melt away as my voice wraps tightly around your sleepy mind...

Love me more than anyone! Become addicted as you relax and surrender to your sweet Goddess Isabella!

Format:Mp3 Audio File
Sound Quality:Professional First Rate
Vocal Sound Effects:No
Prop Sound Effects:No
Background Music:No
Overdubbing Vocals:No
File Size (MB):28
File Length (Minutes):30

Categories: All Mp3's, Nice Girl, Sapiosexual, Smooth Trance
Tags: and, Cocoon Submission, deep relaxation, devotion, erotic hypnosis, feeling safe and secure, My voice being wrapped around you in a cocoon, obedience, post hypnotic suggestion, submission, trusting Me

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